Toddler Sleep Tips

Awareness Poster Campaign


As adults, we often lose sight of healthy sleep habits and millions of people report disturbed sleep. In an effort to create awareness of healthier sleep habits, we’ve developed a visually arresting idea for Monmouth Medical Center that helps patients self-identify, correct, and seek help for sleep issues. The idea hinges on the juxtaposition of how we help our little ones ease into sleep and how we may forget to do the same thing for ourselves. By creating striking visuals that depict adults “sleeping like babies,” we immediately grab the viewer’s attention. We then paired the visuals with helpful sleep tips borrowed from years of collective wisdom used to help put babies to sleep. Tips include ways to create a consistent sleep routine as well as a nightly power-down ritual. Each piece concludes with a call to action driving potential patients with sleeping problems to the sleep center at Monmouth Medical Center.