Little Pieces Project was one of my most proud creative endeavors. The idea was to connect people around the world through a single piece of art and a common cause. It starts with an original work of art done to support a specific charity. The work is then cut up into little square pieces, each with a unique number that can identify the piece on an interactive map online. Showing were the pieces are located as well as where they fit within the larger original work of art. Half of the proceeds went to the associated charity, connecting people around the world through art while raising money. I'll never forget the moment I walked into Art Start NYC, unannounced with a check for over $1000 and a little piece from that project. They were so moved and taken back. It's  a moment I hope to replicate at greater scale one day in the future when I can relaunch LPP, bigger, better and with more social impact than ever.


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