The Call

Pre-Roll Movie Theater Spot


While New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the United States, it ranks near the bottom of the list for registered organ and tissue donors.New Jersey Sharing Network (NJSN), an organization dedicated to helping save the lives of people on the organ and tissue waitlist, enlisted our help to spread the word about needs across the state. Those needs go beyond registering as an organ and tissue donor. Our objective was to creatively raise awareness of organ and tissue donation needs in New Jersey and to change the conversation by letting people know there are many ways to help people receive life-saving transplants beyond registering as an organ donor.

Partnering with NCM media company, we identified local Movie Theaters in communities with the highest number of people on the waitlist, and launched

the following 30s prescreener spot on over 65 screens acroos the state. Utilizing smart sound designed for the theater experience, we captured our local

audiences attention, ultimately calling them to visit our mobile site that delivered hyper-local information using the geo-location of their smartphone, and ways to help thier local community. The spot ran over 7000 times during April, Donate Life month.