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Haunted by Hunger



Pitching for a new Obesity product we needed to create a campaign that delivered our strategy that a deregulation of people hunger is to blame for people suffering from obesity.

Haunted by Hunger  

Inspiration struck when we heard the actual testimonials from our focus groups. Patients suffering from obesity all described their hunger as something that is unrelenting, always creeping back, and something they could never satisfy. Very much like a "haunting". So we ran with the idea, and explored multiple executions before partnering up with Charlex in NYC to help us create our Hunger monster. A nice manifesto was written to help capture the mood and setup our little friend.


It’s not the same for everyone, but for me it’s insatiable. 


When I talk about it, it’s in hushed tones…I’m embarrassed by its presence.


No one would ever believe how strong it really is.  


I feel like my body has begun to betray me… 


When I walk up it’s there.


Passing the coffee shop…


The cookies in the breakroom


Every moment it grows stronger 


By 3 o’clock the donuts are screaming at me…


On the drive home it’s pushing me to stop for a snack…”no one would know”. 


By the time I get home, it’s out of control, I try to ignore it but it’s unrelenting now…


Growing stronger…becoming more aggressive. I’m scared.


Then It’s gone, but so is the pint of vanilla bean ice cream…


Will I ever be able to control it?


Haunted By Hunger

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