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Save NJ Lives



There are over 4000 people on the organ transplant waitlist in NJ. One of those people will die every 3 days. Most NJ residents assume the only way to help is to register as an organ donor—but there's even more that can be done. Our task was to help raise awareness about all of the things people can do to help raise awareness about all of the things people can do to help the NJ Sharing Network, an organization that helped save over 600 lives of people waiting for life-saving transplants in 


NJ may not be at the top of the list for registered organ and tissue donors, but it ranks 1st in pizzerias per square mile and love for neighborhood pizza. We harnessed this insight to create a campaign to spread the word about donation needs throughout the state starting on the busiest day for pizzerias—Good Friday.

How would we get the word out? Through the unique medium of custom-designed pizza boxes distributed by local pizzerias—the perfect tool for a pizza-obsessed state. Each box delivered the number of people waiting in that pizzerias local area based on surrounding towns, with a call to action to visit our #saveNJlives mobile site

which was designed to allow people to search for and share the number of people who are waiting for life-saving transplants right in their own communities via a geolocation. People in their communities were motivated to take action through registering as a donor, donating to support NJSN efforts, volunteering, as well as sharing their towns waitlist number to help spread awareness. 

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