Johnson & Johnson Vision Care



Pitching for the Johnson & Johnson Portfolio of Vision products we needed some unique ideas to promote their new anti-allergy contact lenses. 


Miss the Itch

A little absurd, and a little bit out there. Those were the words we used while pitching this one. In order for us to make a bit of a splash and get people talking we decided to come up with this fun campaign of people rubbing their itchy eyes from allergies and ultimately  missing something extraordinary. : )


The Shy Eye

Another fun idea, The Shy Eye, tells the story of people suffering from allergies but not bringing it up with their  eye doctor. It was based on that very insight that most people A.) Aren't suffering from allergies at the time of the visit, so its not top of mind, or B.) Don't really think their eye doctor should, or could, help them with their allergies. Thinking about the eye doc strictly for vision, and not overall eye health.

sample storyboard



This last one was a bit of a show stopper. Setup by the insight we found, that people will go to great lengths for relief from their eye allergies. A long list of remedies and solutions was read during the setup, ultimately asking the clients "have you actually seen these? AllergEYES?? (We mocked up a real product box and brought it out) Their response was an expected and slightly confused, no. And our response was "of course you haven't. Because its our 3rd idea." By promoting a fake product we felt was very sharable, we would help start the conversation around our new allergy contact lenses. The allergEYES goggles would be a great bait-n-switch promo, and metaphor for the lenses.